Redactor Pens (2 pk)
Redactor Pens (2 pk)

The Skimguard Redactor Pen set feature two different nibs (soft point and chisel). The pens use a thick black ink, designed to obfuscate any data they cover essentially redacting any sensitive information you may not wish seen by others.

The Skim Guard Redactor pens ink is thick enough that not even holding the document to the light will reveal the underlying information that has been redacted.

A simple and yet highly effective solution. Add another layer of protection to your data when disposing of documents with sensitive information on them, stay protected with Skim Guard.

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Unlike standard Artline and Sharpie pens, the Skim Guard Redactor pen uses a thick oil-based ink, darker and thicker than your standard marker - making it perfect for redacting information on sensitive documents.

2x Redactor Pens, 2x pen tips:

Nib 1
Nib 2

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