The Skimguard RFID Digital Pod protects 13.56 MHz cards with the Skimguard eField technology, allowing it to protect multiple cards at once.

The RFID Digital Pod converts any handbag into anti skimming bag, has a small footprint and makes for the ideal travel companion.

Skim Guard's Skim Guard’s anti hack, anti skimming RFID Digital Pod blocks hacker’s attempts to steal RFID based personal identity details. It creates an instant 360º impregnable halo of protection.

More and more of our; Personal and private information is stored on them. The problem is you do not even know it’s happened until you find out. Protect your cards with the Skimguard RFID Digital Pod.

RFID Digital Pod 2pk

Skim Guard RFID Pods

Most of us associate skimming with credit card theft, skimmers really want your personal identity as that’s where the big bucks are in the underworld.

As RFID becomes more of a part of our everyday life - we see it in;
• Transit cards
• Hotel room keys
• Keyless cars
• 24-hour gyms
• Loyalty cards

Skim Guard RFID Pod

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