Skimguard is a specialist manufacturer of anti skimming and anti radiation security products.

The unstoppable progression of RFID and smart technology, has resulted in a wave of tech related criminal activity throughout the world: Skimming, credit card fraud, security theft, and device radiation are threats to our financial security and our health.

Our reliance on technology increases year on year. Consumers eagerly await and adopt latest release technology. Everyday items like credit cards, utility cards and passports are evolving and offer increasing convenience. Payment and transaction habits are also changing, and becoming almost entirely reliant up on technology platforms. We are all living on the grid, which offers incredible convenience, but there’s a dark side to the technology curve. Consumers need to understand the risks associated with technology and most importantly, they need to protect themselves.

Skimguard starting developing RFID security products in 2010: a long time ago, considering how rapidly technology evolves. Today we are a market leader - in Australia and throughout the world. The product we started creating almost 7 years ago - Skimguard Active - is now the biggest selling security device in Australia and the United Kingdom. And uptake is rapidly increasing in other parts of the world; including Europe, the United States and Canada. Customers around the world have placed their trust in Skimguard, and have protected themselves from the threat of tech-based criminal activity.

Skimguard’s product range is designed and manufactured to offer the protection needed to guard against the invisible threat of digital crime. Skimguard products ensure identity and credit card information remain safe, and impervious to attack. The Skimguard Cool Case offers the same protection as the other products in the range but also protects the user from harmful mobile phone radiation. For detailed product specific related information, please visit the relevant product pages on our website via the links below:

Skimguard is 100% Australian owned. Skimguard technology is patented in Australia. All product design, engineering and testing is carried out in Australia.

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