Skim Guard DCT, the next evolution of Skimguard Credit Card protection

Skimguard DCT

The next evolution of Skimguard is here! All of the power of 3.0 ++

Development Overview - Why DCT?

Today, RFID technology is used in many applications. We commonly use it in the form of tap & go credit cards, public transport transit passes and hotel room keys. These all sit on the 13.56 MHz RFID bandwidth.

What now poses a greater security risk is the cyber theft of workplace entry codes embedded in our workplace entry cards. As well, the myriad of access cards we use for entering gymnasiums, apartment complexes etc are also now easy targets for cyber criminals. These access cards all sit on the 125 KHz RFID bandwidth. As well as stealing access codes, any personal identity information embedded in the card is also targeted.


Patented Dual Circuit Technology

Skimguard DCT now guards and protects against cyber intrusion on both the 13.56 MHz and 125 KHz frequency bandwidths. The new DCT card incorporates an all-in-one electronic cyber theft protection.

Its patented technology sees two separate layers of electronic E Field defence, protecting all cards against cyber-attacks, whether at home, out and about or at work. 

Skim Guard DCT (blue) front and back

DCT also incorporates Skimguard Phantom Chip

DCT also includes Skimguards firewall defence system, the Ghost Chip. Ghost Chip is a genuine chip embedded within the card that emits erroneous data, foiling cyber thieves. This scrambling technology adds a further layer of cyber protection when intruders are detected within skimming range.

DCT- How to Use

The blue side of DCT card is embedded with a 13.56 MHz electronic E-Field jammer protecting your credit cards, transit cards and hotel room key cards. It protects all RFID cards in your wallet or purse, wherever they are placed.

Skim Guard DCT, front. (Blue).

The white side of your DCT card is embedded with a 125 KHz electronic E Field jammer preventing cyber access to workplace RFID entry as well as gymnasiums. Workplace access and gym cards should always be kept in near proximity to the A Lock side of the card.

Skim Guard DCT, back. (White).

DCT - Passive & Active Interface

This is what sets Skimguard apart from traditional faraday cage RFID devices. Skimguards built in detection receptors draw power from the skimmers own device to power up and create an impregnable E-Field. So DCT is passive when no threat exists and activates when threats surround.

So DCT can never go flat, there are no batteries to buy, there’s no recharging required and no naps to download or renew, just set and forget.

Skim Guard will protect as many as 15 credit and debit cards (battery free), and is covered by a five-year warranty.

Devices known as skimmers wirelessly detect and hack unprotected credit cards, by utilising the same technology that facilitates Pay Pass and PayWave transactions. Once a skimmer locks onto an unprotected credit card, the details are duplicated and used for unsolicited purchases. The risk is serious, and on the rise - both in Australia and around the world.

Skim Guard 360 degree halo of protection
Simply put a Skim Guard in your wallet or purse

Skim Guard Active 24/7 Protection

Fortunately, guarding against these crimes is easy. By simply placing Skimguard in your wallet or purse - next to or between your credit cards - any attempt to steal your credit card details is immediately blocked. Skimguard Active protects instantly, battery-free, 24/7, anywhere in the world. The protective zone, created by E-Field technology is your guarantee of security.

Skimguard Active is also the world’s only anti-skimming device with a built-in LED indicator, which flashes when a skimmer is detected. This real-time indicator notifies the cardholder of a nearby threat.

Skim Guard Technology

Featuring E-Field technology.
Skim Guard Active 3.0 produces a powerful 9mm E-Field that stops intrusive RFID signals from accessing your Card or devices NFC chip and the data contained within.

Now with 3-strip LED.
Skim Guard Active 3.0 features a 3x LED strip for better user feedback - alerting you when an intruding signal is detected.

Same solid construction.
Skim Guard Active 3.0 maintains the same solid construction as the original and is also covered by the same 5 year warranty.

Ghost Chip scrambling technology.
Skim Guard Active 3.0 contains our latest development in technology - the Ghost chip. This chip will dump 200 fake credit card "numbers" into the skimmer - this can often stall out and crash smaller units or fill the larger ones with a bunch of nonsense numbers. Furthermore the numbers in the Ghost Chip are consistent for all cards - creating a network type defence - once a user with Skim Guard Active 3.0 gets scanned and dumps the 200 numbers, other Skim Guard Active 3.0 users will be invisible to the skimmer since the machine will think it already has collected those numbers. Now you have a way to give some back to these shady skimmers.

Skim Guard Technology

Skim Guard Active 3.0

Skimguard Active 3.0 is a battery free, auto-engaging security device, engineered to protect your credit card and identity details from digital theft. Featuring eField technology, Ghost Chip technology and 3x LED's, no batteries, no downloads, no apps and no renewal fees.

  • E-Field: 360° halo of impregnable RFID protection from all skimmers and hackers.
  • Ghost Chip technology, an additional layer of security.
  • 3x LED illumination strip for when the card is in range of a signal.

Skim Guard Traveller

Skim Guard Traveller is another RFID protection card in the Skim Guard range. Built with the same principles in mind as our very popular Skim Guard 3.0 card, the Skim Guard Traveller uses the same powerful eField technology and features the same solid construction however does not include the new Ghost Chip or the 3-strip LED.

  • E-Field: 360° halo of impregnable RFID protection from all skimmers and hackers.
  • Same solid construction as our popular Skim Guard 3.0 card.

The problem: Skimmers & Skimming

Skimmers and hackers are a tricky bunch and unfortunately, they are capable of committing crime, in broad daylight, right under your nose, and you won’t even realise it. Furthermore, there is no way to know if you have been skimmed or not until it is too late – you won’t see the effects of their devious actions until you check a statement and notice things don’t quiet add up.

How do they do this? The short answer is they use a skimming device; a device that produces the same type of signal as your standard Tap’n’Go machines that you probably use daily, the same type of signal that lets the NFC chip on your Credit Card talk to the payment gateway and process your transaction quickly and easily.

The difference is the skimmers device isn’t for taking payments, it is for capturing your Credit Card data. Skimming devices are not just limited to Credit Card NFC chips, they can access the data on any NFC, including phones and passports. If they get access to your phones NFC chip you may find yourself inadvertently giving them access to install hidden malware on your phone to siphon off even more personal data.

A skimmers device usually has the signal boosted so the range gets dramatically increased. Unlike Tap’n’Go devices, you won’t hear a ‘beep’ if your card falls within the range, it will simply take your cards details, quietly, without your knowledge and often, right under your nose.

Your details get stored locally on the device itself or more often, the details are uploaded to a remote server or a computer. The crime can be committed quickly, quietly and without drawing any attention. A single skimmer can capture hundreds of people’s details without any of them even realising and with very little risk to themselves. Once they get your details, it really is already too late – your details can be used or sold, and you won’t know you have been skimmed until you check your bank statement and realise things just don’t add up.

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