Travel safe with Skim Guard’s “Smartgate Safe” anti skimming, anti hacking passport wallets and/or sleeve.

Today’s hackers can easily hack your passport and personal identity details!

Skim Guard's Skim Guard’s anti hack, anti skimming passport sleeve blocks hacker’s attempts to steal passport and personal identity details. It creates an instant 360º impregnable halo of protection when transiting through international airports and when walking those foreign streets.

360 degree protection
Skim Guard Passport Wallet
  • The Passport wallet (RFID protected) can hold multiple cards, documents and your passport.
  • The Passport Wallet also has a built-in window slot for things you need to show quickly.
  • The sleeve (RFID protected) also includes 2 skim-free credit card slots and an anti hack sleeve.
  • The built-in foreign currency pocket allows for easy cash handling when transiting.
Skim Guard Passport Sleeves

Guard against the threat of digital crime with Skim Guard Passport Sleeve … especially when you travel.

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