Skimguard luggage tracker works across all airlines, it has no moving parts and requires no batteries.

  • Register your Skimguard luggage tracker information with the tags unique barcode number on the SITAs global world tracing system: [ ].
  • Attach the tag to your bag. Keep a record of the serial number with you [take a photo of it on the bag (our recommendation), or on a note in your purse or wallet, or in our downloadable app].
  • Check in. There is no need for check in staff to scan your tag. Ground staff will place the luggage tag on your suitcase as usual with your tag next to it.
  • Should your luggage go to a different destination to you Skimguards SITA tag will be scanned, and your travel contact details will be found.
  • You will be contacted and repatriated with your luggage.
Skim Guard Trace Me luggage tracker
Skimguard Trace Me luggage tracker (angled)

Skimguard luggage tracker makes sure your bag has clear back-up ID at all times. This avoids the bag being lost forever. Skimguard luggage tracker is integrated into the SITA WorldTracer system, used by over 400 major airlines at over 2500 airports globally. It is also compatible with all other global baggage systems in use today.

  • Over 21 million pieces of luggage goes missing every year; That’s 3000 pieces an hour; Over 3 pieces of luggage per flight on average.

If your luggage is misplaced you can enter the Skimguard luggage tracker # serial number into the worldwide Tracer system. As airports scan the luggage, once your bag is pinged the system generates an automatic message to Trace Me, who in turn contacts you with the details.

Skimguards luggage tracker tracks your luggage, any flight, any country. Skimguards luggage tracker is the safe secure and cost-effective way to ensure if your luggage ever goes missing in transit that it will be located and repatriated to you quickly and at no cost to you.

It’s a fact that 2022 has seen a 67% increase in lost airline luggage around the world. In the USA alone 1.94 million bags were lost whilst passengers were flying.

The problem with GPS air tag trackers:

Today sees a myriad of cloud-based tracking devices on the market. They are either short range Bluetooth or long-range GPS style trackers. The downside with these devices is security. The past year has seen an explosion in breaches of cloud based personal identity data by hackers. We all love the convenience that both Wi-Fi and the cloud deliver, but we must also accept the ever-growing risk of identity theft that comes with it. Not only is identity theft a major concern, but any successful intrusion will also identify that you are away from home that could also lead to home burglary whilst you are away on holidays or business.

SITA Facts:

SITAs global luggage coding system is used by over 460 major airlines, operates in over 2800 airports worldwide and is in more than 200 countries.


In the event your tagged Skimguard luggage is deemed lost compensation of up to $500 US is payable to you.

Secure Information:

Unlike air tag devices that rely on Wi-Fi, battery power and proximity transmission relay systems, Skimguard does not rely on any cloud based or GPS tracking systems to identify you. Your data is securely stored in accordance with ISO 2700 protocols.

Registration Renewal:

Your purchase includes the first year’s registration. You will be sent a renewal notice 12 months after you first register your tag to renew for a further 12 months. The annual renewal fee is just $10 per year.

The simple way to secure and protect your checked baggage from loss, globally.

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There’s nothing worse than waiting for your luggage coming off the carousel and it just doesn’t appear. Over 21 million pieces of luggage goes missing every year; That’s 3000 pieces an hour; Over 3 pieces of luggage per flight on average.

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