Trace Me (4x)

World-wide luggage tracker.

Trace Me (family [x4] pack) is a luggage tracker that works across all airlines, it has no moving parts and requires no batteries. Bag Tags only work along the routes of the airline you travel with. If you connect with another airline and lose your bag, the original airlines bag tag is not operative.

Trace Me luggage tag is embedded within SITA’s World Tracer Baggage System and Airlines rely on Trace Me when; Paper tag has been dislodged, is damaged, or is unreadable because of rubbing, etc. Airline Baggage will create an unclaimed baggage record (OHD) or lost bag file.

If your luggage is misplaced you can enter the Trace Me # serial number into the worldwide Tracer system. As airports scan the luggage, once your bag is pinged the system generates an automatic message to Trace Me, who in turn contacts you with the details.

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There’s nothing worse than waiting for your luggage coming off the carousel and it just doesn’t appear. Over 21 million pieces of luggage goes missing every year; That’s 3000 pieces an hour; Over 3 pieces of luggage per flight on average.

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