Skimguard DCT 4pk (Mixed)

Skimguard DCT (Dual Circuit Technology), the most advanced Skimguard we have ever produced (mixed colours, 2x pink and 2x blue), 4pk.

Skimguard DCT now guards and protects against cyber intrusion on both the 1350 KHZ (Credit Cards) and 125 KHZ frequency (Security access cards) bandwidths.

eField technology

The new Skimguard DCT card incorporates an all-in-one electronic cyber theft protection. Its patented technology sees two separate layers of electronic eField defences (a powerful 9mm field that stops intrusive RFID signals from accessing your cards or devices NFC chip and the data contained within), protecting multiple cards at once against cyber-attacks, whether at home, out and about or at work and is backed by the Skimguard 5 year warranty.

13.56 MHz
125 KHz

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Get fully protected with Skimguard DCT

Phantom Chip technology

DCT also includes Skimguards firewall defence system, the Ghost Chip. Ghost Chip is a genuine chip embedded within the card that emits erroneous data, foiling cyber thieves. This scrambling technology adds a further layer of cyber protection when intruders are detected within skimming range.

DCT - Passive & Active Interface

This is what sets Skimguard DCT apart from traditional faraday cage RFID devices. Skimguards built in detection receptors draw power from the skimmers own device to power up and create an impregnable E-Field.

Skimguard DCT is passive when no threat exists and activates when threats surround, so Skimguard DCT can never go flat, there are no batteries to buy, there’s no charging required and no apps to download or renew, just set and forget.

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