What the experts say ...

What the experts say ...

    You and I are not the only ones concerned about the long term effects of mobile radiation exposure, there have been several reports by very prominent people and organisations addressing this very issue:


    Dr Devra Davis

    • World leading epidemiologist specialising in mobile phone radiation.
    • Winner 2007 Noble Peace Prize.
    • Founder of the Environmental Health Trust.
    • Author of over 200 scientific papers.
    • Author of “Disconnect”.

    Dr. Devra Davis

    Meet Sam

    Devra asks the same questions we are… What do we currently know? What do we need to find out? What can we do to limit exposure? She also makes a very valid point that the mobile phone standards we refer to are dated!

    The standard was based on the “average mobile user” being MALE and weighing 99.7 KGs, on the phone for just 6 minutes a day (i wish i was just on the phone for 6 minutes a day).


    A Study by the World Health Organisation

    World Health Organisation

    In October 2014 the World Health Organisation started a 30 year study into the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body, specifically looking at the link between brain cancer and long term mobile phone usage. The study has close to 300,000 participants and final recommendations will be published in 2040.

    Cohort Study Of Mobile Phone Use & Safety

    COSMOS is a world wide study that follows your health and mobile phone use long term and collects the following data:

    • Speaker phone usage
    • Hands-free usage
    • Which side of the head the phone is used
    • Volume
    • Uploads / Downloads

    This collected data is periodically uploads the data to Epidemiology, Imperial College.

    Cosmos Study

    Victoria Cleland

    Victoria Cleland
    Bank of England’s chief cashier

    And regarding contactless cash payment methods…

    A statement that particularly stuck with me was by Victoria Cleland, the chief cashier at the Bank of England who pretty much stated that she doesn’t use contact-less cards and payment methods because she doesn’t quiet trust it. That is OK Victoria, neither do we and we even have a solution to keep your cards safe.

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