Mobile phones and your health

Mobiles and your health

We are all using our mobile phones more & more whether it’s ….

  • Phoning family & friends
  • Texting
  • Surfing
  • Or just using those handy apps…

They’re indispensable and we’ve got to the stage where we can’t live without them. In fact, we will be using them more & more as technology develops.

When you are using your phone, do you ever feel the heat? You know it… we’ve all felt it during those long calls. That is the cell phone radiation hitting your head, which makes us ask questions regarding the possible health risks of prolonged exposure to Cell Phone radiation. Studies are still being carried out, but we think having prolonged and repeated exposure to radiation can’t be a good thing in the long term; for us, you and your family.


What we currently know…

Mobile phone physics

EMF Spectrum
  • Mobiles emit radio frequency energy RFE (low frequency electro-magnetic radiation).
    We commonly refer to it as simply radiation.
  • Proximity of RF radiation to human body tissue produces body heat.
  • Our body tissue absorbs heat …and this is what the concern is.

You can’t see it, you can’t hear it, but after a long call i would bet you that you can feel the heat on your ear / head.

Mobile heat


What can we do to limit our exposure?

Mobile phone precautions

Use your phones in-built loud speaker – this will keep the phone away from direct contact with your head

Use your earphones – for the same reason as the first; keeping the phone from direct contact with your head

Try and distance the phone from the body and increase this distance if the phone signal is weak. You can even keep your phone close but not directly touching your body.

Get a Cool Case – the in-built radiation diffusion technology is specifically designed to minimise the amount of radiation contacting your body tissue by around 95+% across all frequencies and spectrum’s.

Even the big telecommunication companies are aware of the issue and have sent messages to their customers in the past regarding this very issue:

Mobile phones and your health

World Health Organisation

The World Health Organisation has started a long term study into the effects of mobile phone emission exposure on body tissue – you can find out more by checking out:


Limit phone radiation

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