RFID Pod (2pk)
RFID Pod (2pk)

The Skimguard RFID Pod is a slimline wallet/sleeve with inbuilt RFID blocking technology for housing your cards safely (2pk).

Constructed from faux-leather, only slightly larger than your Credit Cards, and with inbuilt RFID blocking technology, the Skimguard RFID Pod is the perfect lightweight 'going out wallet/sleeve' to keep your cards protected.

Utilising the same powerful eField technology as the Skimguard card series, the RFID Pod can protect multiple cards at once and is backed by Skimguards 5 year warranty.

13.56 MHz

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This unique slim-line going out wallet (we refer to as a pod) incorporates these clever features:

  • RFID protection is built into the pod, so the cards you add to your pod will be safe from skimmers.
  • The pod has 2x card sections; one on either side (all protected), for storing cards.
  • Easy pinch Money pouch for storing cash (located between the 2 card holding sections.


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