Skimguard Personal Alarm 4pk
Skimguard Personal Alarm 4pk

Pocket-sized Personal Safety (4pk).

The Skim Guard personal alarm has been designed with personal safety in mind. Featuring 120 decibel alarm, push to sound and pull-out alarm options as well as a LED flashlight, the Skim Guard Personal Alarm is a compact solution to add to your everyday carry.

  • 120 decibel
  • Press button alarm ( finger touch sound control)
  • Pull out alarm ( continuous sound)
  • LED flashlight
  • Key ring holder
  • Compact design

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Personal safety for Children

Kids are protected as they walk to school by keeping the Skim Guard Personal Alarm key chain on their backpack.

Skim Guard Personal Alarm - Protecting against Stranger Danger

Stranger danger is something we all take seriously when educating young children. The danger can occur anywhere, anytime. Whilst we take every step we can to educate children and youngsters about stranger danger, the nature of predators and predatory danger and the ways to be self protective, there is just so much one can do. Typically child predators dress in friendly clothing, appear nice and friendly when approaching children and entice children with treats and offers.

At Skim Guard, whilst we cannot educate your child, we can assist in physically protecting them from strangers . We recommend all parents add a Skim Guard personal alarm to school backpacks and another to any key ring a child or student may carry from day to day. We recommend discussing the advantages with your local Parents and Citizens groups ( P& C associations ) for across the school use.

The alarm cannot trigger accidentally, however activation is instant on fear or danger and the 120 decibel alarm continues until stopped. Its lightweight, compact and includes a bright LED light for darkness

FACT: The biggest fear a predator or attacker dreads is the risk of getting caught Studies prove that noise is in the top 2 deterrents that will cause predators to take flight.

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Personal Alarm for Seniors

  • Seniors can alert neighbours and people around them in emergency situations such as heart attacks, falls and injuries.

Skim Guard Personal Alarm for the elderly - alert nearby people

Skim Guard Personal Alarm offers instant invaluable peace of mind as well. As violence and theft crime rates soar targeting Australia’s most vulnerable, our elderly, Skim Guard Personal Alarms piercing 120 decibel alarm delivers that sense of security to those who find themselves under physical threats and duress. Crime statistics all point to noise being the most common deterrent when it comes to stranger danger. Skim Guard Personal Alarm answers the call - its quick and easy trigger mechanism ensures activation each and every time when required.

Personal safety for women

Women can use the Skim Guard Personal Alarm as a crime deterrent, protecting themselves from attackers.

Assault Stastics Violence Prevalence - 1 in 3 females Violence Prevalence - Did you know? Be safe travelling alone

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