Passport Sleeve (2pk)
Passport Sleeve (2pk)

Travel safe with Skimguard’s “Smartgate Safe” anti skimming, anti hacking passport sleeve

Skimguard’s anti hack, anti skimming passport sleeve (twin pack) blocks hacker’s attempts to steal passport and personal identity details. It creates an instant 360º impregnable halo of protection when transiting through international airports and when walking those foreign streets. Your Smartgate passport slips easily into the passport sleeve for instant and total protection when walking those foreign streets.

13.56 MHz

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This anti-RFID intrusion passport wallet also features the following:

  • The passport sleeve also includes 2 skim free credit card slots.
  • The built-in foreign currency pocket allows for easy cash handling when transiting.
  • The sleeve has a minimalist slimline design.

Today’s hackers can easily hack your passport and personal identity details, guard against the threat of digital crime with Skimguard ... especially when you travel.

Passport sleeve

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