Anti-Radiation Earbuds (4pk)
Anti-Radiation Earbuds (4pk)

A smart way to minimise your exposure to EMF & RF frequencies (Family [x4] pack).

  • 99.99% radiation reduction
  • Good sound quality
  • Built in microphone with on off switch
  • 3.5mm jack connection

The Skim Guard Anti-Radiation Earbuds reduces EMF & RF frequencies from being transmitted through the wiring and into your ear and head. Lab testing shows an SAR level (radiation absorption measure) of zero.

There's a built in microphone with an on/off switch so you can make and receive calls hands free with the headset on.

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Why will you love the Skim Guard Anti-Radiation Earbuds?

  • SAR level of zero - no radiation
  • Built-in microphone with on/off switch
  • Detachable lapel clip
  • Noise isolating earbuds to keep out background noise
  • Perfect fit - small, medium and large earbuds
  • Fits 3.5mm jack

The Active headset gives you the perfect fit. Each headset comes with small, earbuds as well as a spare set of the silicone earbuds. No matter what you're doing, this headset will stay in place, comfortably.

Not only is this headset safe to use, you get great sound quality. The air-filled tube increases airspace to give more body and a fuller, more resonant sound. The noise isolating earbuds keep out background noise, too.

The Problem: Mobile phones and radiation

When you are using your phone, do you ever feel the heat? You know it… we’ve all felt it during those long calls. That is the cell phone radiation hitting your head, which makes us ask questions regarding the possible health risks of prolonged exposure to Cell Phone radiation. Studies are still being carried out, but we think having prolonged and repeated exposure to radiation can’t be a good thing in the long term; for us, you and your family.

What do we currently know? What do we need to find out? What can we do to limit exposure?

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